Monday, May 21, 2012

School is Slowing Down...

Hello all!

It has been a LONG time since my last post (so long that Blogger reset my password)!

The school year is coming to an end (11 more days, but who's counting?). Lately, nothing has been going on except for all the birthday invites I've been recieving.

This summer, my sister and I are going to be going to summer school, swimming pool and just chilling at home!

I'll post later!

Irene A.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

First Snow

This morning the first flakes of winter came down from the heavens! SNOW!!!!!! It started out as little,  microscopic snowflakes then for a couple minutes would turn into these chunks about half an inch wide! The entire day, I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the school dismissal. I was so excited I almost did a somersault in the middle of the hallway! Actually, in general it was a great, exciting day!

For some reason, this is the only thing I wanted to blog about since I was just so excited...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christmas is in the air... I can hear it.

This is the weirdest title for a blog post, but for me is true. I can literally hear Christmas waltzing down the hallway, up the stairs, around the corner, into my room, and finally ending up in my ears. Music of course! Today, the Holiday Music has started up on the radio and I'm becoming a pumped maniac! That may be bad, but who cares?!

Show Choir is going great, but I need to learn a lot of songs by December 3 for a book fair we're performing at. I know it'll end up magnificently in the end, but I'm still nervous. The hard part is memorizing the routines and music, then actually remembering all it.

Last year I went to Australia for Christmas, my birthday, etc. This year I'm stationary in Illinois where it'll snow and snow. Snow, by the way, is cold. A lot of people already know that, but cold snow equals ice. Ice equals car accidents, then the car accidents lead to death! Eeek! Why am I talking about death, I don't know but listening to Christmas Music on the radio makes me type bizarre sentences. Oh my, bizarre reminds me of blizzard, and blizzard leads to power outages, and power outages lead to more suffering! No T.V!!! The end of the world would've come early then.

I bid you goodbye as the time is ticking towards 9:30, and I need to "sleep."

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lazy Thursday

Right now, I've come down with a stomachache and a headache. To pass the time, I decided to blog something. I could talk about anything really. Like the fact that as I'm typing this sentence, Penelope is on top of my left arm.

Last night, I went to my Show Choir practice and I was assigned eight entire songs! Five of them are Holiday Songs. There's Let it Snow/Winter Wonderland, which is a mash up of both songs. Another one is Felis Navidad! I love that song, especially since it's in Spanish, because I'm learning Spanish at the moment. Sleigh Ride and Santa Baby are also some songs that we're learning, but they're hard to learn because of all the confusing harmony. So Christmas doesn't hog the show there is one Hannukah Song. That one is really fun too.

Sadly, nothing else has been going on so I'll end this post for now.


Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Haunted Halloween!

Happy Halloween to everyone who like candy!!!

I've been bombarded with truck loads of homework, and have been texting my BFF's. It's become a thing, texting, and I can easily chat with my friends. Of topic, but true.

The school year is gradually getting better! This quarter I have SPANISH CLASS!!!!!!! Today was my very first day, and my teacher, Seniora Vincent, spoke total Spanish! Not a peep of English. I could somehow make out what she was saying, but otherwise... I was very confundida!!!! (that means confused in Spanish).

Halloween this year was very simple. I, the great Irene, was a very very glamorous vampire with my friend Nora. Christina was going to be Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter, but last minute she got a PhD and ended up dressing up as a doctor. Anyway, I trick-or-treated with Nora and my other friend Brigitte. She's had mono for the past month, and I barely see her anymore. She come to school for two periods then leaves, because mono makes you uber tired. Back to trick-or-treating, Brigitte was a masquerade! She work this beautiful dress that she decorated with this gold shawl and it was just epic. Nora and I went shopping together and bought a dress/top, some sparkly eyeshadow, and matching jewelry. In the end my eyes were huge. One eye has so much black eye shadow it looked like I had black skin. I think it was VERY Halloweenish though, and thank Mum for doing it.

When I got home after walking for a really long time (about two hours, maybe less), I told my Dad, "Halloween is finally over..." he replied, "Next up, Thanksgiving!"

I forgot to mention something that I feel was very important! I went to Boo Bash, which is a Halloween party at a nearby park. They had the Trail of Terror which Nora dragged me through. I was creeped out and thought I would die, but in the end I stayed alive! Then at the end, there was a Haunted Hospital which was enclosed in black tarp. I was really wimpy and passed, but Nora and Brigitte both went inside. Afterwards, they told me what happened and I said, "I'm so glad I didn't come with you."

I may want to get to bed soon, it after nine and there's school tomorrow. Maybe I'll stay on my laptop a bit more(he he he...).

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The New School Year


Sorry I haven't posted for such a long time. I keep forgetting, and postponing and such.

I know it's September, but over the summer my family and I all went to GREECE!!!!!!! We stayed for like... almost 2 months!!! It was a really long time away from home, and Penelope the pussy cat, and all my friends, and cousins.

Sadly I don't have any photos of our stay there, but once I get them I'll try and post them!

In Greece we stayed in Platania and Athens. A good chunk of our stay took place in the mountains a.k.a. Platania. It was fun there, being able to learn more Greek, and spending time with my grandparents. We also had lots of visitors too. And my Uncle from Canada visited with his friend which was AWESOME!!!!!!! My cousin that lives in Athens came to Platania too. He's really funny!

Towards the end of our stay we drove back to Athens, we went to the Acropolis Museum. That was 2 gigantic thumbs up! It was really really cool. Looking at all the statues and carvings.

Overall the vacation was an amazing experience. 

School is exciting. It's my first year of middle school and I'm having a blast! Switching classes and seeing my friends everyday! There is always something new happening whether it's during Math class or my friends and me sitting around the lunch table.

I think I've updated you on as much as I can think of off the top my mind...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

My favorite holiday (next to Christmas) is Valentine's Day! February is the perfect month for this "lovely" holiday! So, this post deserves red text!

I have to admit I don't have a great reason why I like Valentine's Day. It's not that I don't like red or pink. I just love Valentine's Day! Also, groundhog day is in February. The groundhog with the very complicated name is our fortune teller that tells us if we are going to have an EARLY Spring or an extra long winter... I find it ironic that the groundhog didn't see its shadow (which I think means early spring) and Chicago got a blizzard... ironic isn't it?!

My friends and I, after the blizzard, went sledding in 2 foot deep snow. It was really fun, because I kept on running over one of my friends.... oops. Anyway, afterwards we had some hot chocolate and watched T.VI was tired out. We had a snow day at school that day... and the next one too. I was super happy! I had a great time the next day with my friend that I kept on running over with my sled! We made these really demented friendship bracelets in my room. It was really funny when we finished them!

I hope Valentine's Day is going to be AWESOME!!!!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Exciting December


I know it's only November, but I'm already anticipating the upcoming December. First of all, my birthday(you have to be excited about that), I'm turning double toothpicks!!! My party is going to the movies(watching Narnia the dawn treader or something like that) then either going to Big Bowl (my fave Chinese restaurant) or getting take out from there and coming home to hang out a little bit with my friends. It's exciting just typing this up. Second of all is Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just can't wait to tell you the third thing. Thirdly, I'm (along with my sis and mom) are going to Australia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My moms parents live there, and some other relatives from Greece are coming too. I'm celebrating Christmas and my B-Day there! We are staying for a whole entire 3 weeks :-O! It will be amazing if I can just last the 24 hour plane ride.

I (not surprisingly) have my Christmas wish list all planned out. Mainly it's some stylish clothes I can look good in, and some good books I can enjoy forever, BUT there is one big, big, big present I wish for every night that will be a surprise until (or if) I get it. If I don't I may or may not tell you.

I have something a little random though..........

Have you ever heard of the word melancholy?
I have, but I want to see who hasn't. Isn't it amazing what kids learn in school?! Just kidding.

Well, Happy Birthday anyone who's birthday is coming up VERY soon, Merry Christmas (or Happy Hanukkah), and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2011!!!!!

Also, just curious am I using too many ( )? I've kind of noticed a lot of them...

See ya,
Irene A.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Trip to Toronto

The beautiful city of Toronto

Mom and Dad finally decided we could visit Toronto, Canada. The car ride there and back was 12 hours each way, but all that driving was worth it. My family and I had such a great time in Toronto. We visited my Uncle Andrew and other relatives. 

Christina and I sitting on a rock! How exciting!!! 

The hotel we stayed at was called the Westin Harbour Castle. Our room had an amazing view of Toronto Island. We could hear the ferry boats horns from the room, and it's 22 stories off the ground! Where we stayed, it was easy to walk to a cafe or retaurant for something to eat.

Waiting patiently for arrival
Uncle Andrew and I...
The next day we met up with Uncle Andrew and took a ferry boat to Toronto Island. When we got there Mom was stunned by the vegetation that grows there. The plants were amazing! The hostas were huge compared to what we have here! The climate was just right for the plants there.
Surprising isn't it?

We walked down to the beach and over looked one of the Great Lakes.

Posing of course, what do you think I'm doing?

Hand in hand isn't this romantic?

Me too! I'm doing the same thing as her!

 My sister and I waded in the water and cooled off a little. Surprisingly, it's very hot in Toronto. Which is wasn't what I was expecting since I think of Canada as having a very cold climate. After the beach we meandered down to a maze made up of bushes and ended up coming back to where we began. Christina and I gave up on it pretty quickly. 

Getting ready for combat.

After that we rented two paddle boats. Dad and Christina in one, Uncle Andrew and me in another. It's harder than you think. First, it was boiling in those things especially wearing a life jacket. The shade was our retreating spot to cool down. When we finished paddling our feet off we started heading back to the ferry.  

Dad and Christina preparing for the worst.

Uncle Andrew is having second thoughts.

Later that day we went to visit my uncle's parents and spent some time down there. For dinner we went to my aunts house and spent some time there. I had a great time there too. 

On Friday, the forecast was a 100% chance for visiting the CN tower and Toronto Science museum with some clouds. Uncle Andrew, family, and I went to the CN tower and went in an elevator that took us 1,815 ft (553.3 m) up. You could see the WHOLE city and got a complimentary hairdrying treatment on the obsevation deck. We also got to stand on a glass floor a look down to the ground...... a height of approximately 1200 ft - It was freaky! 

This is the CN tower that we are going to enter

Getting aired down 

This is super fun

I'm smiling but I'm not really happy

This is AWESOME!!!!

Later, we went to visit the Toronto science museum. First, we got tickets to see the Harry Potter exhibition. The props they used in it we're so realistic. After that Christina and I each got a bookmark and a magic wand. In the end mine got really annoying.

We went for dinner at a shi-shi restaurant called Glow. Mother and I had the Glow Salad and we both LOVED it. For dessert Uncle Andrew and I got little cheesecakes in the mini glasses. I got this divine chocolate one with walnuts sprinkled on. Delicious. Then we visited some more realitives. I had a great time.

On Saturday (our last day :-(( ) we were planning to visit Niagra Falls. We made a stop at a little town called Niagra on the Lake which had more amazing vegetation, with lot's of little knick-knacky stores which were awesome. I got a bead for my special birthday necklace. And got to spend some quality time with Dad. Mom was walking into every store she thought interesting and sometimes ended up walking out with one extra bag (hint hint). When Mom had shopped till she dropped we took a walk down to the Niagra River. There I put on my bead and thought this is a good place to put it on.

This is a cute little fountain, huh?

The amazing plants

Flowers, pretty.

When we got to the car, this was the moment. The moment arrived and we were on our way to NIAGRA FALLS!!!!! When we got there the water was running off the edge at a tremedous speed. Dad said he was surprised at the volume of water falling down. It was something to remember forever! 

The famous Horseshoe Falls.

I had a spectacular time in Toronto.
A special thanks to Mom, Dad, and Uncle Andrew as our private tour guide.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hawaiian Party!

Today, I had a Hawaiian Party with 3 of my closest friends!!! We had smoothies, made shell pets, and played fun games together.

My mom made these amazing smoothies. She calls them watermelon/strawberry slushies. Everyone loved them. Brigitte slurped hers down quickly because she LOVES strawberries.

After our slushies we made shell pets. We used shells, googley eyes, and glue. I think Alyssa's shell family was SO cute. She calls them the Peek-a-Boo family.

This is Brigitte's creation. She made an old sea turtle called Mama Odie and a little shell called Floppy. . .

This is my family of shells. The one farthest to the left is Caroline. Then comes Mary, Sandy, Sarah and on the end Bubbles. . .

Here is the famous Peek-a-Boo family made by Alyssa. The largest one is Rachel, the medium one is Ann(e), then the itty bitty one is Boo-boo. . .

These two snails are Nora's. I only know one of their names. The one with two eyes is Shelly.

Later on we played games together. Our first game we played was called Island Hop. First you divide everyone into two teams. Then you lay out four towels (two for each team) then you stand on the farthest towel and on "Aloha!" You and your teamates take the other towel and lay it down infront of you. You repeat until one of the teams reaches the finish line. When we finished playing this game. Alyssa won every round we played. In the picture below it shows her VICTORY!!!!

I had a great time with my friends. In the end they were able to stay for dinner!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Break

Sorry! I have been busy lately with ISATS in March, school going on's, and SPRING BREAK!!!

Today is the first day of Spring Break. It's cloudy and cold. What a great way to start spring break, huh? My sister Christina is getting her desk today. The family has been waiting for months! When I got mine it only took about 1-2 months. We ordered this desk in Janurary. I've been thinking up theories on why it's been taking sooooooo long...
Events have been coming and going. Birthdays, playdates, and brief things like that. Some exciting things happening over spring break are... fixing the basement to a kid friendly matter, probably playdates of some sort, and thats pretty much it. I know it's not the most exciting spring break, but I know the family will enjoy all the fun and maybe HOOPLA!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Day

The Christmas of 2009 was one of the best ones yet!!!

I got all the presents I wanted including a surprise .

In my stocking I found a 2010 planner notebook, a yo-yo, and a Jonas Brother CD. From my grandma I got a candy heart pillow saying "HUG ME" it's so cute. I received a number of presents from Santa too. I got a spa/chemistry kit, 3 DS games (World of Zoo, My Baby Girl, and Aquarium). I got 2 pairs of fuzzy house socks too.

From the family my sister gave me the Strawberry Cloud Leopard it's a webkinz.

My mom and dad gave me the surprise present... a laptop!!!! I was SO surprised when I noticed. I was saying to them,"I think this present was delivered to the wrong house..." I was amazed. When I got to my grandmas house (where we every Christmas for dinner) I thanked her for the heart pillow.

My uncle also visits from California. He gave me a journal made out of recycled paper, there was a second package, but when he paid for it he never got it. Boo hoo. My cousins gave me a game. I forget what it's called though... otherwise I had the best Christmas EVER!!!

My sister recieved great presents too. In her stocking she got a Taylor Swift CD, a 2010 planner, and a yo-yo. From me she got a Zumbuddy. She LOVED it. From grandma she also got a heart pillow but it says "I LOVE YOU", she also got easy bake decorating set, she got three DS games and a laptop too. She also said her thank yous to grandma too.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Leaves... Leaves .... everywhere !!

Fall has nearly come to an end . The day after halloween the girls decided to tackle the backyard by raking leaves ...... let me remind everyone we have a 1/2 acre property with at least 9 mature trees in the back yard ....

So, they tackled the task in earnest


Meanwhile , Mum was sweeping out the garage , doing battle with the leaf accumulation in there, chatted with a neighbour who dropped by ..... and kept an eye on the leaf gatherers .

After a while I did not hear much activity , all had gone quiet .... I wonder why ?

My gallant workers were taking a nap ...... well earned I thought .

Later on Dad came home from work and with a little assistance - the pile grew and grew until we could hardly tell who was hiding in the pile .

A job well done !!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Night Dinner

Christina and I made a fancy Sunday night dinner!!!

The menu was, Pot stickers, Shepherds Pie and Green Salad with chocolate covered raspberries.
I am made the appetizer and the main course. Yummy Chinese pot stickers with pork and vegetables, I might have messed up a little but they still tasted great. The main course was a Shepherds pie made with ground lamb, carrots and onion and yummy seasoning. Smothered with lots of mashed potatoes and a tossed salad with mums famous salad dressing.

Here is the mixture for the pot stickers. I got my hand all gooey mixing this up. Mum helped with the wonton wrappers because that was hard for me. They were delicious !!!!!!!!

Next came the Sheperds Pie .

Christina made chocolate covered raspberries with sprinkles on top, I devoured most of them!!!

As you can see there was a lot of concentration on Christina's behalf , she made sure every morsel of dessert was perfect

Christina is not a big raspberry fan , but she loves chocolate , and she made this dessert with a lot of love.

This will be one of my favorite family dinners !!!!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Front teeth are gone

Christina has now lost both her FRONT TEETH!!!

Her tooth was ginormous, a little bigger it would've been the size of a dime!!! Here are some pictures and she got a dollar from the tooth fairy! The other night the Tooth Fairy didn't come, the gigantic tooth was still there!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lost a Tooth

Christina lost her front tooth!!!

This moment happened minutes before we wrote this blog. The blood was gushing in the hole of the tooth like a river. It was unexpected, it was hanging by a thread all day ..... and it hurt everytime she wobbled it .

I was very surprised when it just "popped out" as I was sitting with my mum . My sister was practicing piano when she heard me say "I lost my tooth YEAH!!!"

I can't wait to see what the tooth fairy will give me. :-)))
P.S. I got a dollar