Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Day

The Christmas of 2009 was one of the best ones yet!!!

I got all the presents I wanted including a surprise .

In my stocking I found a 2010 planner notebook, a yo-yo, and a Jonas Brother CD. From my grandma I got a candy heart pillow saying "HUG ME" it's so cute. I received a number of presents from Santa too. I got a spa/chemistry kit, 3 DS games (World of Zoo, My Baby Girl, and Aquarium). I got 2 pairs of fuzzy house socks too.

From the family my sister gave me the Strawberry Cloud Leopard it's a webkinz.

My mom and dad gave me the surprise present... a laptop!!!! I was SO surprised when I noticed. I was saying to them,"I think this present was delivered to the wrong house..." I was amazed. When I got to my grandmas house (where we every Christmas for dinner) I thanked her for the heart pillow.

My uncle also visits from California. He gave me a journal made out of recycled paper, there was a second package, but when he paid for it he never got it. Boo hoo. My cousins gave me a game. I forget what it's called though... otherwise I had the best Christmas EVER!!!

My sister recieved great presents too. In her stocking she got a Taylor Swift CD, a 2010 planner, and a yo-yo. From me she got a Zumbuddy. She LOVED it. From grandma she also got a heart pillow but it says "I LOVE YOU", she also got easy bake decorating set, she got three DS games and a laptop too. She also said her thank yous to grandma too.

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