Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Trip to Toronto

The beautiful city of Toronto

Mom and Dad finally decided we could visit Toronto, Canada. The car ride there and back was 12 hours each way, but all that driving was worth it. My family and I had such a great time in Toronto. We visited my Uncle Andrew and other relatives. 

Christina and I sitting on a rock! How exciting!!! 

The hotel we stayed at was called the Westin Harbour Castle. Our room had an amazing view of Toronto Island. We could hear the ferry boats horns from the room, and it's 22 stories off the ground! Where we stayed, it was easy to walk to a cafe or retaurant for something to eat.

Waiting patiently for arrival
Uncle Andrew and I...
The next day we met up with Uncle Andrew and took a ferry boat to Toronto Island. When we got there Mom was stunned by the vegetation that grows there. The plants were amazing! The hostas were huge compared to what we have here! The climate was just right for the plants there.
Surprising isn't it?

We walked down to the beach and over looked one of the Great Lakes.

Posing of course, what do you think I'm doing?

Hand in hand isn't this romantic?

Me too! I'm doing the same thing as her!

 My sister and I waded in the water and cooled off a little. Surprisingly, it's very hot in Toronto. Which is wasn't what I was expecting since I think of Canada as having a very cold climate. After the beach we meandered down to a maze made up of bushes and ended up coming back to where we began. Christina and I gave up on it pretty quickly. 

Getting ready for combat.

After that we rented two paddle boats. Dad and Christina in one, Uncle Andrew and me in another. It's harder than you think. First, it was boiling in those things especially wearing a life jacket. The shade was our retreating spot to cool down. When we finished paddling our feet off we started heading back to the ferry.  

Dad and Christina preparing for the worst.

Uncle Andrew is having second thoughts.

Later that day we went to visit my uncle's parents and spent some time down there. For dinner we went to my aunts house and spent some time there. I had a great time there too. 

On Friday, the forecast was a 100% chance for visiting the CN tower and Toronto Science museum with some clouds. Uncle Andrew, family, and I went to the CN tower and went in an elevator that took us 1,815 ft (553.3 m) up. You could see the WHOLE city and got a complimentary hairdrying treatment on the obsevation deck. We also got to stand on a glass floor a look down to the ground...... a height of approximately 1200 ft - It was freaky! 

This is the CN tower that we are going to enter

Getting aired down 

This is super fun

I'm smiling but I'm not really happy

This is AWESOME!!!!

Later, we went to visit the Toronto science museum. First, we got tickets to see the Harry Potter exhibition. The props they used in it we're so realistic. After that Christina and I each got a bookmark and a magic wand. In the end mine got really annoying.

We went for dinner at a shi-shi restaurant called Glow. Mother and I had the Glow Salad and we both LOVED it. For dessert Uncle Andrew and I got little cheesecakes in the mini glasses. I got this divine chocolate one with walnuts sprinkled on. Delicious. Then we visited some more realitives. I had a great time.

On Saturday (our last day :-(( ) we were planning to visit Niagra Falls. We made a stop at a little town called Niagra on the Lake which had more amazing vegetation, with lot's of little knick-knacky stores which were awesome. I got a bead for my special birthday necklace. And got to spend some quality time with Dad. Mom was walking into every store she thought interesting and sometimes ended up walking out with one extra bag (hint hint). When Mom had shopped till she dropped we took a walk down to the Niagra River. There I put on my bead and thought this is a good place to put it on.

This is a cute little fountain, huh?

The amazing plants

Flowers, pretty.

When we got to the car, this was the moment. The moment arrived and we were on our way to NIAGRA FALLS!!!!! When we got there the water was running off the edge at a tremedous speed. Dad said he was surprised at the volume of water falling down. It was something to remember forever! 

The famous Horseshoe Falls.

I had a spectacular time in Toronto.
A special thanks to Mom, Dad, and Uncle Andrew as our private tour guide.

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  1. dear 2tulips , I love the blog it is very entertaining and sounds like a fun time was had by all . Great photos and captions .

    love GG .....aka mummy :-))