Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Haunted Halloween!

Happy Halloween to everyone who like candy!!!

I've been bombarded with truck loads of homework, and have been texting my BFF's. It's become a thing, texting, and I can easily chat with my friends. Of topic, but true.

The school year is gradually getting better! This quarter I have SPANISH CLASS!!!!!!! Today was my very first day, and my teacher, Seniora Vincent, spoke total Spanish! Not a peep of English. I could somehow make out what she was saying, but otherwise... I was very confundida!!!! (that means confused in Spanish).

Halloween this year was very simple. I, the great Irene, was a very very glamorous vampire with my friend Nora. Christina was going to be Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter, but last minute she got a PhD and ended up dressing up as a doctor. Anyway, I trick-or-treated with Nora and my other friend Brigitte. She's had mono for the past month, and I barely see her anymore. She come to school for two periods then leaves, because mono makes you uber tired. Back to trick-or-treating, Brigitte was a masquerade! She work this beautiful dress that she decorated with this gold shawl and it was just epic. Nora and I went shopping together and bought a dress/top, some sparkly eyeshadow, and matching jewelry. In the end my eyes were huge. One eye has so much black eye shadow it looked like I had black skin. I think it was VERY Halloweenish though, and thank Mum for doing it.

When I got home after walking for a really long time (about two hours, maybe less), I told my Dad, "Halloween is finally over..." he replied, "Next up, Thanksgiving!"

I forgot to mention something that I feel was very important! I went to Boo Bash, which is a Halloween party at a nearby park. They had the Trail of Terror which Nora dragged me through. I was creeped out and thought I would die, but in the end I stayed alive! Then at the end, there was a Haunted Hospital which was enclosed in black tarp. I was really wimpy and passed, but Nora and Brigitte both went inside. Afterwards, they told me what happened and I said, "I'm so glad I didn't come with you."

I may want to get to bed soon, it after nine and there's school tomorrow. Maybe I'll stay on my laptop a bit more(he he he...).

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