Sunday, November 8, 2009

Leaves... Leaves .... everywhere !!

Fall has nearly come to an end . The day after halloween the girls decided to tackle the backyard by raking leaves ...... let me remind everyone we have a 1/2 acre property with at least 9 mature trees in the back yard ....

So, they tackled the task in earnest


Meanwhile , Mum was sweeping out the garage , doing battle with the leaf accumulation in there, chatted with a neighbour who dropped by ..... and kept an eye on the leaf gatherers .

After a while I did not hear much activity , all had gone quiet .... I wonder why ?

My gallant workers were taking a nap ...... well earned I thought .

Later on Dad came home from work and with a little assistance - the pile grew and grew until we could hardly tell who was hiding in the pile .

A job well done !!!!

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