Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christmas is in the air... I can hear it.

This is the weirdest title for a blog post, but for me is true. I can literally hear Christmas waltzing down the hallway, up the stairs, around the corner, into my room, and finally ending up in my ears. Music of course! Today, the Holiday Music has started up on the radio and I'm becoming a pumped maniac! That may be bad, but who cares?!

Show Choir is going great, but I need to learn a lot of songs by December 3 for a book fair we're performing at. I know it'll end up magnificently in the end, but I'm still nervous. The hard part is memorizing the routines and music, then actually remembering all it.

Last year I went to Australia for Christmas, my birthday, etc. This year I'm stationary in Illinois where it'll snow and snow. Snow, by the way, is cold. A lot of people already know that, but cold snow equals ice. Ice equals car accidents, then the car accidents lead to death! Eeek! Why am I talking about death, I don't know but listening to Christmas Music on the radio makes me type bizarre sentences. Oh my, bizarre reminds me of blizzard, and blizzard leads to power outages, and power outages lead to more suffering! No T.V!!! The end of the world would've come early then.

I bid you goodbye as the time is ticking towards 9:30, and I need to "sleep."

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