Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lazy Thursday

Right now, I've come down with a stomachache and a headache. To pass the time, I decided to blog something. I could talk about anything really. Like the fact that as I'm typing this sentence, Penelope is on top of my left arm.

Last night, I went to my Show Choir practice and I was assigned eight entire songs! Five of them are Holiday Songs. There's Let it Snow/Winter Wonderland, which is a mash up of both songs. Another one is Felis Navidad! I love that song, especially since it's in Spanish, because I'm learning Spanish at the moment. Sleigh Ride and Santa Baby are also some songs that we're learning, but they're hard to learn because of all the confusing harmony. So Christmas doesn't hog the show there is one Hannukah Song. That one is really fun too.

Sadly, nothing else has been going on so I'll end this post for now.


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